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Movie Review: Trainwreck

Jul 17, 2015 10:26PM ● By Davis Johnson
   This summer’s blockbuster romantic-comedy, Trainwreck, does not fail to deliver outrageous escapades and a less than standard view on relationships. The film is filled with crude humor, cringe worthy moments, regrets, family drama, and every member of the audience thinking at least once, I know exactly what that's like.

                                                 WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD

    The film shows the lead protagonist, Amy (Amy Schumer), in the midst of a one night stand with some random guy from a bar. She mocks him and has him pleasure her first, then pretends to pass out promptly afterwards in order to avoid servicing him. Typically, she has a golden rule to never spend the night with her flings, but breaks the rule and wakes up in Staten Island. Oh, did I mention that she has a boyfriend of sorts named Steven (John Cena)? She sees him as a desirable slab of muscles who’s sexual orientation comes into question through various moments, the biggest clue being that he has a Grinder account. After a miserable walk of shame and brief conversation with her homeless friend, she makes it to work.

    Amy is the executive editor at a men’s magazine called S’Nuff, where she is forced by her editor (Tilda Swinton) to write a profile piece on sports surgeon Aaron Conners (Bill Hader). After making numerous remarks on how she hates sports and knows nothing about them, Amy winds up in Aaron’s office where he discusses his work and involvement with Doctor’s Without Borders. The scene shifts to Aaron taking Amy to dinner and a couple drinks where things escalate into a one night stand just days after Amy was dumped. Things take an interesting turn as Aaron and Amy have completely different reactions to the event. Aaron confides with his best friend, the basketball superstar Lebron James, that he enjoyed his time with Amy and wants to have a relationship with her. Amy on the other hand is freaking out and can’t understand why she stayed the night. The two eventually start a relationship and they think it just might work. Amy’s family has different stances on it as her sister Kim (Brie Larson) is happy for her and believes that Amy deserves to be in a good relationship, while her father (Colin Quinn) thinks the relationship is nothing more than a fling and predicts that Amy will break up with Aaron within a month.

    Judd and Amy make a fantastic production duo, Judd as director and Amy as writer. It holds no punches and will leave the audience laughing so hard they will more than likely fall out of their seats. Bill Hader plays a wonderfully over eager man in search of a happy relationship. Amy Schumer outshines the entire cast with her raunchy sense of humor and wit. The fact that she put in moments from her own life in this movie makes it that much more emotional and relatable for the audience. People can clearly empathize with the characters and enjoy every scene with them. Lebron James scenes almost stole the show as he plays a fictionalized version of himself who is extremely frugal and loves Downton Abbey. Every moment will leave you laughing so you should make the time to go see this movie.