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Triangle Downtowner Magazine

Volume 9 Issue 12: How to Keep the Triangle Growing

Dec 26, 2013 01:07PM ● By Grace Drescher
Welcome to the last issue of Downtowner Magazine for the year 2013. In our lead issue, we interview local leaders and business owners and ask their opinion of what is needed to sustain our continued growth in the area. Brian visits Poole's Diner and fills us in on all the delicious dishes. Heather sits down with local Raleigh singer Kat Robichaud, now famous across the country after appearing on The Voice. Linda visits with international-known fine artist Donald Martiny and Ginny takes a look down under and discovers the steam tunnels beneath NC State. Allan interviews the CEO of, the up and coming startup whose website currently documents the ingredients in over half a million products. In AroundTown, there's plenty of great new photos of people all over the Triangle and in our Durham History column, Ray tells the story of the Durham Manifesto. Enjoy!

How to Keep the Triangle Growing