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Triangle Downtowner

Disney's NEWSIES

North Carolina Theatre presents Disney's NEWSIES

Stop the presses! Disney’s NEWSIES takes the stage. Adapted from the Disney film, New York City's newsboys seize the day when they strike against unfair working conditions. Experience the Tony Award®-winning musical that’s thrilled audiences on Broadway and across the country.

Tuesday, Jul 24, 2018: 7:30PM

Wednesday, Jul 25, 2018: 7:30PM

Thursday, Jul 26, 2018: 7:30PM

Friday, Jul 27, 2018: 7:30PM

Saturday, Jul 28, 2018: 2:00PM

Saturday, Jul 28, 2018: 7:30PM

Sunday, Jul 29, 2018: 2:00PM

Sunday, Jul 29, 2018: 7:30PM