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3298 Breezewood Court
Moundridge, KS 67107

(202) 210-8251

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It is safe to assume that everyone who drives hates getting traffic troubles of any kind. They can cost you money, your license or even more if you are not careful. Few people know more about that than William Johnson himself, creator of the top resource for radar detectors and more, the Rated Radar Detector Org. The site boasts of helpful content such as reviews, tips and news, all for drivers who want to be on the safe side as well as hobbyists discovering the joys of radio technology. The story behind the creation of the company is very personal to William, and yet he recognizes that it is a familiar tale to one too many motorists. He sought out radar detectors after horror stories from friends on the road regarding unreasonable tickets — negotiating fees, appearing in court, hiring a lawyer — and decided he wanted none of the hassle. He was still ticket-free at this point, and blissfully so, so he went ahead to buy cheap equipment and set it on his car. Easy, right? Ironically though, his clean record was no longer spotless shortly after. Our founder, who wanted to live a little, caught the attention of a trooper nearby and had his speed captured by a radar gun. His radar detector failed to give notice, and it was too late to do anything that would not get him in trouble. “Once is enough,” William thought to himself. There’s no reason to cheapen out if the wallet is willing. He bought another that was a great leap from his first one, and used it for years. It has been 10 years since that first radar detector, and William has transitioned from being a consumer to being an expert on the subject. He now shares what he knows over the Internet for everyone to learn from his mistakes and make wise decisions when it comes to protecting themselves on the road. Rated Radar Detector Org began with a few reviews of on-hand radar detectors. William ran tests, evaluated performance and wrote about the results on his own at first. When his site grew and gained more visitors, he brought more friends and enthusiasts over to help him with drive runs as well as content. The scope of the site later started to include other car accessories, such as dashcams, and radio technology, like police scanners and walkie-talkies. William remains very much hands-on in running things though — building an informative space on the Internet became a passion for him. He sees himself providing reliable articles in the foreseeable future together with his team, and remains encouraging of drivers to try out more layers of protection available to them out there. Hopefully, Rated Radar Detectors Org serves as their jumping point.