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New Tattoo Shop Opens in Brookside Shopping Center

Aug 08, 2018 03:45PM ● By Esther Mc Caskill Baker

Well-positioned in the trend-spotting Oakdale neighborhood, is the newly opened Raleigh Tattoo Company, a five-star review tattoo shop owned by artist Shaun Bushnell. The shop has a palpable, yet enigmatic energy only truly understood by the wide-variety of clients who are drawn to a unique path of personal expression and art appreciation. Shaun Bushnell was a renowned artist at Blue Flame for eight-and-half years, before transitioning to being shop owner of Raleigh Tattoo Company. 

Bushnell doesn’t limit his clientele potential to a design specialty such as traditional or new skool. Bushnell is dedicated to offering artist services that are comprehensive and fit all client needs. He shows his successful business acumen as he states, “I try to be versatile, which is why I stay really busy.” Some people embrace the tattoo experience with open arms and become eager aficionados, yet some people have to begin their journey with many questions and a discomfort with such a largesse experience. Bushnell says that part of a tattoo artist’s job is “the art of consulting”, where he helps develop a personal experience or significant memory into a physical reality that involves many steps and careful consideration. 

No tattoo is insignificant, even if the design may seem typical and widespread to an outsider. Think of the Semper Fidelis tattoo that is worn by Marines. There are many different experiences cultivated in an individual history in military service, none are the same. One may signify a family member’s service, and another, the final day of recruit training. Tattoos are an unchartered map that many feel guide them throughout their life to step outside their comfort zone and embrace the journey. 

For a free consultation at Raleigh Tattoo Company, call 919-307-4478. Walk-ins are welcome Tuesdays and Sundays. Hours are Tue-Sat: noon-9ishpm and Sunday 1-6ishpm. The shop is closed on Mondays.

You can visit Raleigh Tattoo Company's website here: