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A Phantom You Will Want to See

Mar 04, 2018 01:44PM ● By Lamarr Fowlkes

Attended and reviewed by Michelle Gay

Durham Performing Arts Center has brought The Phantom of the Opera to the triangle. The classic show comes with high expectations and DPAC rose to the occasion. This musical was brought to life by an amazing set, powerful music, and a well-chosen cast. 

The Phantom of the Opera cannot succeed without a strong musical accompaniment but luckily the musical team was ready for the challenge. The music combines flawlessly with the movement of the set pieces and the cast members. The set though, seems to be a character itself. From the curtain in the beginning of the show to the amazing work with the chandelier, the set demonstrates the grandness of this performance. Every element of the set moves with specific and coordinated purpose. It is brilliantly constructed to draw the audience in so that they feel as though they are moving from room to room in a fluid motion. The transitions of the set keep the audience connected to the story without needless resets. 

The sets were matched well by a costuming genius. The costumes are creatively designed to be very practical while still transforming the time period. They were strategically made to provide the right silhouettes at just the right time. The costumes provided a stunning contrast between the Phantom and Christine that elevated any scene they were in together. The lighting worked elegantly with these costumes and the set to increase the suspense and drama of the whole production.

With such an amazing team behind them, it is no wonder that the actors had a wonderful performance. Quentin Oliver Lee creates a dark and tormented Phantom that brings the audience to both hate him and love him. The whole cast combines their powerful vocals with great skill to make each song a pleasure to hear. Meg played by Emily Ramirez is a brilliant casting choice as she moves with grace and poise in every scene. In every dance seen your eye is drawn to her performance.

Without a doubt, Eva Tavares stole the show as Christine. Her mellifluous voice receives roaring applause. Every flawless note was matched by the way she moved around set. She found a way to display everything that Christine should be in this role. This is a star that we need to see more from in the future.

There is still time to come out and see this marvelous show. The show is running at DPAC through March 11th. While this show is highly recommended, it is not a show that is suitable for a younger audience.