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CMYfabriK Interior Design

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Founded 2012

Rachel L. Ritter is an Interior Designer located near Fayetteville, NC. She specializes in Residential projects and loves finding creative ways to customize space to help families really enjoy their homes. Creating a unique space for each client is important- this is done by incorporating the proper color, texture, patterns and decor to help showcase the home's personality.

Virtual Designing is also available, this process allows you to work with an Interior Designer that is not located locally to you, they can be anywhere in the world! Benefits to this are that it's cheaper than hiring a designer for a full on project, and is a great option for people who love DIY projects but don't know how to successfully coordinate furniture & decor. Rachel provides a floor plan to help space out the furniture, a materials board to help envision everything together and a list so you can purchase the items yourself. This option allows the project to progress at your own pace since you can purchase in your own free time. This service is also good for those clients that want to start small and build up to bigger projects.