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Honest Pint Theatre Co. presents Home Brew

Home Brew, a series featuring NC artists, writers, musicians, and actors sharing works in an intimate, social atmosphere.

June 23 show features Katie Connors Martin, writer, producer, and author of Midway Mindset, a blog about shifting perspective and starting life again with the intention of living it authentically. June’s show features Katie’s story of her divorce after 25+ years of marriage, the discovery of her true lineage and how that shocking reveal led her to shed the artificial skin she had been living in her entire life.

“We are all born with blank pages. Our greatest gift - and often curse - is the ability to take those pages and choose what to write on them, dictate how the chapters unfold and how our story ends. We have the freedom to pick what kind of person we want to be and the type of people we spend our life with. And some of us royally f**k it up."

Katie Connors Martin runs a blog called Midway Mindset where she professes that it is never too late for any of us to take flight. Though it took her 52 years to figure out she didn't want to pretend to be okay anymore, Katie is two parts laughter, four parts truth, and a half pound of tragedy, sprinkled with equal amounts of hope, bravery, and vulnerability. Katie feels strongly that everything should be served on a giant plate of irreverence with a large glass of compassion and kindness. Divorced and dating, Katie is a mother of three adult children and recently welcomed her first grandchild. Though her mother told her being a writer was a very bad idea, Katie is fulfilling every daughter's dream of proving her mother wrong and intends to write like nobody's reading.

Date & Time

June 23, 2018

7:00PM - 9:00PM

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Free (donations encouraged)

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